Finance work doesn't need to take hours; it should take seconds!

What is KNOTS?

KNOTS is a company with a passion for rethinking how Finance Teams should do work. KNOTS Gen-AI employee allows Finance Teams to interact with their data as if they were talking to a colleague. Ask it to do something, and it will do it in seconds, not hours.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable finance teams to work better.

Humans should interact with software the same way they interact with their colleagues. There's this notion that working on a finance team means working long hours and crunching numbers all day. But we know there's a better way to do finance work, especially manual finance work. One that allows you to be happy at your job and stop making you feel like you're running out of time daily. That's why we've created a new experience for finance teams, KNOTS. A way for finance teams to interact with software as if it were a human being. Finance work should not take hours to complete; it should take seconds!

Our Story

After working with CFOs and Finance Teams daily, we realized our colleagues were spending hours over hours crunching numbers and staying late at work, even though they had many SaaS tools to work with. Our colleagues had zero work-life balance.

This didn't make sense to us.

We asked ourselves a simple question: Can we cut the work from hours to seconds? And, can we build something that feels as natural as talking to a colleague?  

From these questions, a company was born: KNOTS. It was founded on the notion that finance teams should be happy at their work and not spend hours on outdated, decades-old processes.

Start doing finance manual work in SECONDS, not hours!

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