Finance work doesn't need to take hours; it should take seconds!

What is KNOTS?

The question is not "what is KNOTS," but "who is KNOTS?"

KNOTS is a Gen-AI finance employee.

Rethinking how Finance teams work.

Finance teams are the main artery of every company. As such, they deal with hundreds of monthly tasks that determine the business's health. When they get overworked and overwhelmed, these tasks are like knots that get tangled. These knots play a major factor during auditing--a process that takes place annually, quarterly, or even monthly, depending on the complexity of the business--but also during the day-to-day operations of the finance team.

The problem that most Finance teams are facing has to do with the evolution of the field. There are plenty of brilliant fintech tools out there. But they are just that, tools. They have features, UI, and structure, and they are designed to solve a specific problem. Though we believe these tools serve a great purpose, we also believe the time has come to "humanize" software.

We live in a world where we text each other at work with tasks, ask questions online using tools such as ChatGPT, and try to minimize our actions as much as possible to save time and do more of the things we like in life. Speed and efficiency are important to us. Yet, our tools have not evolved to meet our new needs.


The question is not "what is KNOTS," but "who is KNOTS?"
KNOTS is a Gen-AI finance employee. Look at KNOTS as just any other employee on your finance team. It has skills in data processing, analysis, planning, and reconciliations.

KNOTS has no bells and whistles features around it. We built it to be an entity that can adapt to your requests. You do not need to remember any features. Communicate with KNOTS how you'd like, and it will complete the work for you.

Since KNOTS is a new employee, the more you interact with it, the more it will learn and be able to do more for you and your team.

We exist to offer Finance teams a faster way to do their work.

18 hours
Hours spent a week on
data aggregations and reconciliation
per employee!
Spent by Finance Teams
on operational cost

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